Soiltech had revenues of NOK 43.9 million in first quarter of 2022. Before a one-off item, EBITDA was NOK 8.8 million and profit before tax NOK 4.6 million. First quarter is traditionally the quarter with lowest activity due to winter season. Despite this we saw a significant increase in revenues compared to last year. Since last reporting, Soiltech has entered into new contracts for the provision of cleantech services to Equinor, Spirit Energy, Maersk Drilling and COSL Drilling Europe. The outlook is strong with an expected high demand for Soiltech’s cleantech services.

Please find attached the full report for the quarter.

About Soiltech:
Soiltech is an industry leading cleantech service provider specializing in treating, recycling and responsible handling of contaminated water and solid industrial waste streams. The company’s waste management services also include slop treatment, drill cuttings handling and treatment, swarf removal as well as tank and pit cleaning. Soiltech designs, engineers, builds, owns and operates its operative units, providing services in close co-operation with the customer on the customer’s site. Soiltech has 75 employees and is headquartered in Norway. The company operates worldwide and has offices in the UK, Abu Dhabi and in Saudi Arabia. Soiltech is listed on Euronext NOTC in Norway under the ticker SOIL.