Swarf Removal System (SRS)

Soiltech delivers a field proven design Swarf Removal Systmen (SRS) developed and upgraded with truly innovative solutions. The system completely separates the steel fragments from the fluid system, thus eliminating the risk of rig down-time due to insufficient filtration which in turn could cause severe pump failures.

Thanks to the ST-SRU’s design upgrades, the operating swarf unit never slows the milling operations down. Its compact construction comprises durable power train & drum filtration system, integrated dual full-flow capacity pumps and Soiltech’s exclusive Magnetic Flowline Cleaner. The unit’s HVAC systems can be fitted with optional gas detectors (HC and H2S) that become fully integrated with the rig’s gas detection and emergency systems (ESD/NAS systems).

The operation of the ST-SRU is intuitive, simple and user friendly as all controls are situated in one control panel. Volume readings from the SRU tank will be sent to the rig’s main monitoring/logging system. This provides essential input for the drill crew’s fluid system volume control. The SRU process control are almost completely automatic, thus limiting the number of required personnel to operate the unit, contributing to a lower on-board personnel count.

The ST-SRU is operated from a display controller allowing the operator to change process parameters easily and thus optimizing fluid throughput.

By utilizing a suite of mechanical separation techniques, the fluid feed is separated into two distinct streams:

  • Swarf which are fed to a solids container (Waste Skip).
  • Mud which will be returned to the flowline before shakers for re-use.

The ST-SRU is reliable and efficient, designed to process 100% of the full returned flow, and handles flows in excess of 5,000 liters per minute – with full backup. The drum on the swarf removal system is self-emptying, eliminating the need for any manual handling or raking of the swarf. This solution is very beneficial as it minimizes human exposure.

Swarf unit