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Soiltech delivers another strong quarter, and we continue to generate strong cash flow from our operations. The recently announced Equinor contract, which runs until 2034, is a major milestone for Soiltech and provides a significant foundation for continued company growth.

• Strong operational and HSE performance
• EBITDA growth of 46% compared to Q4 2021
• Equity ratio of 52% and solid cash
• Investing in new equipment, preparing for
further expansion
• Secured a 7-year loan with Sandnes
Sparebank. The NOK 75 million loan
facility includes a refinancing of the
existing NOK 50 million loan

(Numbers in brackets refer to corresponding period in 2021)

RESULTS Q4 and preliminary FY 2022
• Revenues in Q4 2022 amounted to NOK 43.9m
(NOK 48.9m)
• EBITDA Q4 2022 from operations was NOK
13.0m (NOK 8.9m).
• Profit before tax came Q4 2022 to NOK 7.2m
(NOK 5.8m).

• Revenues full year 2022 was NOK 178.2m
(NOK 136.8m)
• EBITDA full year 2022 from Operations NOK
43.8m (NOK 26m)
• Profit before tax full year 2022 NOK 18.8m
(NOK 14.1m)


About Soiltech
Established in 2011, Soiltech is an innovative cleantech service provider specializing in the treatment, recycling and responsible handling of contaminated water and solid industrial waste streams. Soiltech’s purpose is to provide clean technologies for a greener future. Our technologies enable significant emission reductions and cost savings through waste reduction, waste recovery and reuse. To date, we have treated more than 500,000 m3 of contaminated water, leading to more than 3,000 tons in reduced CO2 emissions.

Soiltech design, build, own and operates our treatment technologies, providing the services in close cooperation with the customer at their sites. We also offer biodegradable chemistry and solutions for treatment of contaminated water in aquaculture and other industries.

Soiltech is headquartered in Norway, and operates in Norway, UK, Netherlands and Abu Dhabi.

Soiltech is listed on Euronext NOTC in Norway under the ticker SOIL.