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About us

Soiltech is an innovative cleantech service provider specializing in the treatment, recycling and responsible handling of contaminated water and solid industrial waste streams.

Soiltech’s treatment technologies and solutions are applicable for the Energy sector, aquaculture,  municipal and other industries. Through our operations, research and engineering, we aim at developing products, services and solutions that optimize performance and reduce cost.

Soiltech operates world-wide with headquarter in Norway and offices in UK and Abu Dhabi.

Let’s recover and reuse together

We design, build, own and operate our treatment technologies, providing services in close cooperation with the customer on their sites. The company also offers biodegradable chemistry and solutions for treatment of contaminated water in the energy sector (produced water), aquaculture, municipal and other industries.

“We want to be seen as a preferred partner to our clients, by being a team-focused, innovative cleantech service provider specializing in the treatment, responsible handling and recycling of contaminated water and industrial waste streams.”

Jan Erik TveteraasCEO, Soiltech AS

Our purpose

Our purpose is to provide clean technologies for a greener future.

A part of our identity

Reusable Purified Water

A modern approach to the water droplet. It captures the idea of recycling and purify water through the process of slop water treatment technology.

Waste Treatment Process

The colour transitions emphasise the process itself. The icon indicates the stages in which polluted waste is turned into reusable water.

Structural shape

The modernised water droplet, refers to the structural and mechanical aspect of the process. This emphasises the industry we are associated with.

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