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Soiltech announces Q3 2022 results

By 26/10/2022October 6th, 2023103 Comments1 min read

Several new contracts and continued profitable growth. Strong EBITDA contribution. Solid financial position.


• Soiltech entered into several new contracts during the quarter
• Robust demand for Soiltech’s cleantech services
• Solid operational and HSE performance
• Strong EBITDA contribution and liquidity position
• Book equity ratio of 52%
• Sorbwater Technology AS acquired, adding important synergy potential to Soiltech’s offering through bio-degradable chemistry

(Numbers in brackets refer to corresponding period in 2021)

Revenues in Q3 2022 amounted to NOK 44m (NOK 40.9m) and EBITDA from operations was NOK 12.3m (NOK 9.8m). Profit before tax came to NOK 7.2m (NOK 6.7m).

Revenue year to date was NOK 134.3m (NOK 87.9m), while EBITDA from Operations and profit before tax were respectively NOK 30.7m (NOK 17.1m) and NOK 11.6m (NOK 8.3m).

SOILTECH Q3 report – 2022