Soiltech has been awarded a contract for providing swarf removal services to one of Equinor’s platforms in Norway. Startup is the second quarter of 2022. Soiltech will be utilizing its own Swarf Removal Technology for the operation. The technology removes pieces of metal, large pieces of cement and other debris from the circulating fluid during drilling operations. The contract further strengthens Soiltech’s long-term relationship with Equinor.

Soiltech has entered into a contract with COSL Drilling Europe for treating contaminated water onboard the sixth-generation, harsh environment semisubmersible COSL Pioneer in UK, with estimated start in Q2 2022. Estimated contract length is 200 days plus extension options. This is Soiltech’s first job for COSL. Soiltech will be using its Slop Treatment Technology (STT) for treating the water. The STT removes oil and particles from the contaminated water so that the treated water may be discharged to sea. This reduces the need for transporting waste to shore, thus lowering the Client’s CO2 emissions.

Due to the continued strong demand for the company’s services, both in Norway and internationally, Soiltech has decided to move forward with the construction of five new STT units. The units will be delivered towards the end of the year.

About Soiltech
Soiltech is an industry leading cleantech service provider specializing in treating, recycling and responsible handling of contaminated water and solid industrial waste streams. The company’s waste management services also include slop treatment, drill cuttings handling and treatment, swarf removal as well as tank and pit cleaning. Soiltech designs, engineers, builds, owns and operates its operative units, providing services in close co-operation with the customer on the customer’s site. Soiltech has 75 employees and is headquartered in Norway. The company operates worldwide and has offices in the UK, Abu Dhabi and in Saudi Arabia. Soiltech is listed on Euronext NOTC in Norway under the ticker SOIL