The latest years Soiltech has expanded its deliverables. One of the additional services beyond slop treatment has been waste cleaning services. This service include cleaning of pits, tanks and derricks.

On any drilling rig, waste management is key to success. Increased focus on environmentally friendly activity has been more and more prominent. An integral part of this is to always have tanks and pits as clean as possible. This is to avoid contamination of fluids for operation and fluids for waste. Soiltech main task is to assist in the process of making any rig more environmentally aware. Therefore, taking Soiltech onboard is a step in the right direction.

Our operators are trained not only for operating the treatment equipment, but also to be a sparring partner when it comes to handling of the drilling waste. Inadvertently this leads to Soiltech operators having great knowledge on the different types of wastes in a pit or tank. Making our operators ideal for supervising the cleaning and emptying of these tanks. Also combining the handling of this waste with our slop treatment units will greatly reduce or in some operations treat and discharge the entire volume generated eliminating the need to backload to shore via skip n ship.

Our pit cleaning services follow a strict procedure regarding PPE, all our gear follow the EU regulation and conform to CE regulations. Soiltech also supplies the latest technology within this protective gear combined with the latest of operating equipment. Operator guidelines and proper pre job meetings results in flawless implementation of our pit cleaning services time after time. Still, every operation will wary, one from the other. It is therefore key that the supervisor of the cleaning team has enough experience and skill to lead the team to success without any incident.

Soiltech specializes in the handling of drilling waste and offers a full drilling waste management service. The Company offers cost effective and environmentally friendly cuttings and slop treatment systems for the international oil & gas industry. In addition to this we deliver pit, tank and derrick cleaning services, swarf treatment and skip rental. Through our operations and research and engineering, we aim at developing products, services and solutions that optimize performance and reduce cost. Please also check out our Linkedin, facebook and Instagram accounts.


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