New page post with news and information launched in Soiltech home page. Soiltech makes it easier for all existing and new customers to gather what Soitlech AS offers of services and products. Soiltech will now start offering in site descriptions and updates to our services. What a great way this will be to get up to date insight on Soiltech and its products and services. Looking forward to spread the news.

Recent changes in Soiltech include a refreshing of our logo, see image below. The logo now includes our slogan “For a greener future” this in order to further explain Soiltech goal and visions. Our web page has also had recent changes to further improve readability and accessibility. More improvement to come as Soiltech is devoted to continuous improvement. Reference to ISO-9001 Section 10: Continual Improvement is the backbone of Soiltech. All employees and board of directors live for this section.

Further web site improvements and post updates will strengthen and improve Soiltech vision to make the future greener. New projects and new contracts means that even more of our clients receive a service that will make their operations more environmental friendly. Together, Soiltech will help our clients fulfill their environmental goals. Help us reach our goals by spreading the news.

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