International Worker’s day, 1.May, also known as Labour Day is a national holiday in Norway and a day promoted to celebrate the working class.
Soiltech celebrates 1.May with respect and support of all its operator and staff. To be able to deliver the same quality service to the ever increasing demand,  Soiltech has decided to upgrade both its HQ and workshop facilities, moving its HQ to a new location.

1. May 2021 Soiltech officially moved its Office HQ from Tananger to Forus. And its workshop facilities from Voll to the same location in Forus. More exact to Koppholen 25, 4313 Sandes. The new location brings Soiltech closer to all its industrial partners in the Region, making the company even better suited for coming campaigns. The workshop consist of two separate high tech halls both with its own overhead traverse crane. Clearly marked walkways, lighting and heating to make the workshop technicians workday as comfortable and safe as possible. Mobilization of new projects and maintenance on our equipment will be able to be performed in record speed. The offices are new, fresh and modern. And Soiltech now has the space to keep growing and expanding its services.

Looking forward to continued expansion of Soiltech deliverables and to further improve its existing services.