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Soiltech wins work for Equnior

By 05/10/2022December 20th, 2022No Comments2 min read

Soiltech has been awarded a contract in Norway for slop treatment services. Our energy efficient and high capacity STT (Slop Treatment Technology) unit will be utilised to treat contaminated water on an Equinor operated installation in Norway.

Stig H. Christiansen, CEO in Soiltech, comments; “It is very motivating to see that our clean, energy efficient and high-capacity technologies are in high demand. At Soiltech we are fully committed to contributing towards sustainable operations for our customers by delivering on-site treatment and recycling of contaminated water, oil and brine.”

Soiltech’s slop treatment system (STT) is an on-site mechanical technology treating water contaminated with oil and particles. The treated oil and water may be reused in the drilling process. The STT reduces our client’s environmental footprint and costs by lowering their CO2 emissions through lower energy usage, onsite treatment and reuse, and reduced transport of volumes to shore.

About Soiltech

Soiltech is an innovative cleantech service provider specializing in the treatment, recycling and responsible handling of contaminated water and solid industrial waste streams. Soiltech’s purpose is to provide clean technologies for a greener future. The Company’s total waste management services represent Best Available Technologies and include slop treatment, cuttings handling, swarf removal as well as tank and pit cleaning. Soiltech designs, builds, owns and operates its treatment technologies, providing services in close cooperation with the customer on their sites. The Company also offers biodegradable chemistry and solutions for treatment of contaminated water in the aquaculture industry.

Soiltech is headquartered in Norway, has 75 employees, and operates in Norway, UK, the Netherlands and Abu Dhabi.

Soiltech is listed on Euronext NOTC in Norway under the ticker SOIL.